Coming to Terms: Loading Rate

April 27, 2010 at 12:54 pm Leave a comment

Term: Loading rate

Definition: The speed at which load is presented on a component.

Loading rate, in terms of pitching, is something that generally applies only to the PAS arm.  Basically in an overall sense, loading rate is a measure of how quickly the energy your body creates in the windup is transferred to the baseball in the delivery.  Now while the creation of this energy is a whole body process, the pitching arm is the most susceptible to injury due to overloading.  When the pitching is loaded too quickly, over extension is a problem and the various tendons and ligaments of the shoulder and elbow are subject to extreme amounts of force.  This over exertion on the shoulder and elbow is commonly known as overloading and is a direct result of loading to quickly.  It is important to remember that the sequence from the arm swing to the arm slot, to the loading of the shoulder and elbow should have a smooth and consistent transition from place to place to reduce risk of injury.


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