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I already wrote a piece on the make up of good pitching mechanics and Justin Verlander is a true representation of a pitcher with really good mechanics.  The fact of the matter is that pitching mechanics change from player to player because every body is different, what may be good for one player may not be good for another.  The build of player both physically and mentally most definitely affects how his mechanics shape.

Pitching mechanics to me are more or less ideals.  In a perfect pitcher the transfer of kinetic energy from the beginning of the windup til the end will occur in one fluid motion that contains no unnecessary movements that don’t affect a pitch positively or negatively.  But just like in life, ideals are merely things that you can strive too obtain.  Rarely are ideals ever truly realized.

The mechanics of pitching give one ultimate ideal, and that is to make a good pitch, and the points of emphasis under that ideal are like the Bible of pitching mechanics.  But any written word is left up to interpretation.  Think about all the Christian religions out there.  They all interpret the Bible differently but have the same ultimate goal:  to reach heaven.  The bible acts as a guide for Christians but is never interpreted the same by any two people.  As long as the goal is met however,  no body was wrong but they all got there in their own ways.

Pitching mechanics aren’t much different.  As long as the goal is met, how you got there is unimportant.  There are rules though, similar to the Commandments in the Bible.  For instance the rotation of the hips should drive the rotation of the shoulders.  That is a rule.

I break apart pitchers motions by seeing if they A) break any of the rules of pitching and B) see if they do anything that could easily lead to breaking a rule.

Nobody is perfect and nobody is ever going to do the same thing as everyone else.  But there are rules and there are things that can lead to breaking those rules.  The rules exist to give direction to the goal.  This blog hopes to help us understand how to reach that goal.


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